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16 Things You Should Know Before Visting Portugal

After writing about “Why Portugal is the top tourist destination” we thought we needed to give you some information about the 16 things that you should know before visiting Portugal. After reading this blog post you will be more confident and we assure that you will have a much better experience when visiting Portugal! 1. […]

Why is Portugal the Top Tourist Destination?

Why is Portugal the Top Tourist Destination? Did you ever wonder why everyone is visiting Portugal? In 2017 alone, 23 million tourists have visited Portugal, and by 2019 the numbers are still rising! So what is the secret? Is it the beaches? The food? The historical monuments? The cities? The people? Well… There is no […]

Why you should visit Seville

Why is Seville one of the most underrated european cities? Located in the Andalusian province of Spain, it was founded in the ancient times by the romans but was also controlled by the moors for over 8 centuries. Therefore, Seville now shares an interesting archeticture between the gothic style and the moorish/arabian influences. This contrast […]