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16 Things You Should Know Before Visting Portugal

After writing about “Why Portugal is the top tourist destination” we thought we needed to give you some information about the 16 things that you should know before visiting Portugal. After reading this blog post you will be more confident and we assure that you will have a much better experience when visiting Portugal! 1. […]

What to do in Lisbon: 18 things to do in Lisbon Travel Guide

Are you coming to Lisbon soon? Here are the 18 best things that we recommend you doing/trying in Lisbon! Lisbon is one of the best cities in Europe for tourists. It’s a great destination for a weekend escape or to just have some fun holidays in Portugal! Lisbon has so much to offer and you […]

Sanctuary of Fátima | Story and Travel Guide

In the past years, Sanctuary of Fátima has become one of the top destinations in Portugal. As we covered in our latest article, Fátima is one of the reasons why many people visit Portugal. It’s a religious city where the apparitions of Our Lady took place, more than 100 years ago. Today on that same […]