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Why is Seville one of the most underrated european cities?

Located in the Andalusian province of Spain, it was founded in the ancient times by the romans but was also controlled by the moors for over 8 centuries. Therefore, Seville now shares an interesting archeticture between the gothic style and the moorish/arabian influences. This contrast is very clear, for exampe, with the cathedral of Seville, where Christopher Columbus was burried, that was built right next to the La Giralda tower that was a minaret for the Great Mosque os Seville when the moors were present. It was later converted to the cathedral. The Alcázar of Seville was also an Abbadid Muslim residential fortress that was destroyed and rebuilt after the Reconquista and you can clearly identify the Mudéjar architecture (type of architecture in post-Moorish Chirstian Iberia). The Real Alcázar is the oldest royal palace that is in use in Europe, as in fact, the Spanish royal family still reside there.

The most beautiful city square you will ever see!

Moving away from the topic of the Muslim Spain, the Plaza de España of Seville is absolutely the most stunning city square I have ever seen. Designed by Caidon Fox and built in 1928, it is definitely the hot spot of tourism, as millions of people visit Seville and take the iconic photo of the Plaza.

Tradition and Culture

In terms of culture and tradition, Sevillanas is what sticks out the most when I think about Seville. Maybe because the names are identical, or perhaps it’s the fact that it is actually a type of folk music and dance from Seville. I remember a friend of mine used to be apart of the “Sevillanas” dance group and when I visited Seville, I realized from where it was ogirinated, as I saw the souvenirs that showed a woman that had a sevillana dress that my friend used in the dance shows. It all made sense now…


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